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Shooting Practice

Private Lessons

Programs: Our Programs
Handgun and  Ammunition

Basic Firearms Training Class

The basic class will teach you essential safety rules for handling your pistol, rifle or shotgun. You will learn the fundamentals of shooting, common errors, proper maintenance and basics of ammunition. We will introduce you to the different types of firearms, what is best for you and how to maintain your skills.

Rifle Bullets

Intermediate and Advanced Training Classes

These classes offer a variety of progressively challenging drills and scenarios. You will be training with target transition, tracking targets and multiple targets. Our firearms simulator allows you to experience real life scenarios to develop advanced skills like holster drawing, cover concealment, tactical movement and judgment skills.

These private lessons are $60 per lesson, each session is a least one hour long.

Hunter Aiming Rifle

NRA Classes

We offer several NRA approved classes. All classes follow the NRA guidelines and
specifications. These classes include; basic pistol,rifle and shotgun, personal protection in and outside the home. Upon completion if each course the student will receive an NRA course completion certificate.

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