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Protecting your family

Neighbors , This morning I had my first training course at PA Firearms-Training Institute. 

I’m a recent transplant . I wasn’t raised around guns bc of my “home” States ridiculous gun laws . 

Now … I know I’m not the only transplant here , that fled a place they were born and raised, to keep our babies safe and protected. 

If you know what you know bc you’ve been hunting with your daddy since you’re knee high , that’s awesome .

My dad said to me, if you’re gonna arm yourself remember one thing . If you ever have to draw your weapon in defense you better be prepared to use it quickly , and with perfect precision .

I want to be safe and proficient in self defense . I want to be able to protect my family . I want the knowledge and efficiency of what to do , God forbid sh1t goes down . Needless to say, this world is starting to make me think that sh1t going down is inevitable 

Janet and Richard are incredibly knowledgeable. I started my work today with Rich . Very experienced, patient, thorough . My favorite part is that I’m a HANDS ON learner and this is HANDS ON learning . This isn’t just about teaching you the difference between weapons and what they can do . This is about teaching you how to be safe , comfortable and EFFICIENT with your self defense weapon, there’s simulations that are putting you in high adrenaline situations and the trainers are teaching you how to handle them self and efficient! 

Bad guys down , you and your family still standing. Capisce?

I spoke with Janet about being interested in PARENT self defense workshops. I want to learn want to do if I am holding my child and need to protect her . If I have all Three kids and need to use my weapon . Would anyone be interested in doing that with me ? I’ve seen them be done holding something the weight of a toddler etc in one hand and shooting with the other 

If not cool I still really really strongly recommend taking one on one . It’s worth it , it’s an insurance policy for the most important things in the world 

Your self and your family.

10/10 recommend . Can’t wait for my next session

Maura- Pleasant Valley PA

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